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12-May-2017 01:48

Some of the e-mails were conversations between the employee and her attorney, which contained evidence the company felt would help its case.

After the employer presented the messages in court, the employee claimed her rights to privacy and attorney-client privilege had been violated.

charges /month for the basic plan; Yahoo’s fee is /month.

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Note that Vine, the six-second video sharing service owned by Twitter, is also matched to your Twitter account, so deleting Twitter deletes your Vine.

But many of these sites are also experimenting with new ways to introduce people who may be a good match. Consumating launched in the summer of 2005, was acquired by CNET in December 2005 and relaunched last month with a new interface and features.

Its tagline is “Find People Who Don’t Suck,” and tagging plays a big part in the service.

And that doesn’t take into account the billion-a-day Myspace page views, which many people argue is basically a very large dating site. The two largest dating sites are Yahoo Personals and, respectively, with a combined 9.3 million monthly visitors.

Both allow free browsing, but to communicate with other members you must pay a fee.The files included e-mails she sent via a personal, password-protected account.Copies of the messages had been automatically saved to her browser’s cache.The company argued the employee had no such rights — its computer use policy stated that anything done on workplace computers could be monitored. The judge ruled the employee had a “reasonable expectation of privacy,” because the policy didn’t mention that e-mails sent using a personal account would be saved to her hard drive (Cite: ).