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05-Jul-2017 19:22

She announced the news in an interview with Oxygen, “There were some complications with my first pregnancy.I know a lot of fans were wondering about it, but I haven’t spoken about things because it’s been extremely hard.

She also revealed, her parents inspired her to get back into her job as a model and an actress, after she was depressed after the miscarriage.

Now this little situation is not Davis’ first dabble with reality show cast offs as Vernon was previously linked to ex-Flavor of Love contestant “Black” (how do you even feel right looking at yourself in the mirror knowing your laying next to a female that FLAVOR FLAV doesn’t even want) Now for you who aren’t familiar with Natalie Nunn, think of Kat Stacks with a longer chin and a better credit score and the readers who are familiar with the Bad Girls Club can validate that comparison.

And coincidentally Natalie got into a war of words via video with Kat Stacks earlier this year (which can be viewed here)……smh Natalie Nunn is also no stranger to controversy as she was previously dating Denver Nuggets point guard Ty Lawson, engaged in a war of words with Rihanna in a New York nightclub and also threatened to leak Chris Brown naked pictures, among other things.

After the announcement of the pregnancy, Nunn went missing from the social media, TV and the internet, making it difficult for her fans to follow her pregnancy status.

Recently Nunn has spoken about her announced pregnancy in an interview.Nunn revealed the pregnancy didn’t go as well as expected, and she had a miscarriage.The reason for the miscarriage has been, however, not revealed.And the miscarriage of his beloved wife has badly affected him.