Who is brian puspos dating 2016

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[Verse 1] Baby, you a stone cold killer You been knockin fellas off for the thrilla One minute got him talking 'bout commitment Then you say, you moving on to something different [Pre-Chorus] How'd you become such a cold hearted lady I thought, it was love, I was sadly mistaken [Chorus] Cause this could be murder (she wrote) But you already knew that (I know) This is your screenplay Baby, tell me, am I staying or leaving?

Cause this could be murder (she wrote) But you already knew that (I know) You wrote the book on heart play Baby, you just love 'em and leave 'em [Hook] This is murder (she wrote) This is murder (she wrote) [Verse 2] Same story but the ending all different Don't know how the hell I got in this position You get off on making me the victim You be tearing hearts out, no witness [Pre-Chorus] How'd you become such a cold hearted lady?

He is a multi-instrumentalist who is experienced at guitar, drums, ukulele, and electric lead.

He released his first EP, entitled 3 AM, on July 8, 2014.

He competed on America's Best Dance Crew, created by Randy Jackson.

He did, however, earn a spot on the 2015 XXL freshman list — but since that was announced, he has toured overseas tour.He was first inspired to launch a music career at a Bluegrass festival in 2008.In 2011, he was voted Knoxville, Tennessee's Best Young Voice in the junior voice competition.Rub elbows with filmmakers, artists and fellow attendees at the official CAAMFest after-party! In the heart of the Mission at Slate Bar, come to hang out, celebrate and unwind in good company. 21 only The Delivery is driven by one purpose: Make. Drawing inspiration from across the ages, from Motown to 90’s to modern hip hop, the four piece band mixes velvety vocals with instrumentation that leaves audiences going back for seconds.