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A simple encoding might leave alone alphanumerics a–z, A–Z and 0–9.

Any other characters could be possibly interpreted in an unexpected manner, and are therefore replaced with the appropriate "encoded" representation.

In computer security, there are often known good data — data the developer is completely certain is safe.

There are also known bad characters; data the developer is certain is unsafe (can cause Code injection etc.).

They are subtly different, so not the extra break in the first script.

This Linux Bash 'read' function is nice, because it does both things, prompting the user for input, and then reading the input.

This strategy has several problems: "Encoding" processes content that is about to be used in another application so that any characters which have potentially special meanings to the receiving application are made safe.

Characters from a typical known safe charset for the particular destination medium are often left as they are.

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Answer: I usually use the shell script "read" function to read input from a shell script.

The other nice thing it does is leave the cursor at the end of your prompt, as shown here: I wouldn't normally show that, but invoking man like this brings up the "Bash builtins" man page, instead of the normal Bash shell man page, and in this case, this documentation is more of what you need.