Validating uml models

03-Aug-2017 15:12

As a former user of Janus, Model Pro, Info Modeler, Visio, ER/Studio and ERwin, I am extremely satisfied with the professional appearance, functionality and performance of Model Right.For our needs, those products pale when compared to the value of Model Right - not to mention the quick response and timely builds from the support department.The main dependencies cycle and graph, relation among entities and other items in the project.The problem is the extraction of the architecture and design information directly from the code and the use of that the specification of what the architecture should look like and then the validation of the code against that specification.OCL is a descendant of Syntropy, a second-generation object-oriented analysis and design method.The OCL 1.4 definition specified a constraint language.Our approach takes into consideration most of the structural and behavioural features of UML, including object-oriented aspects.It handles the combination of operations, state machines, inheritance and polymorphism, with a particular semantic profile for communication and concurrency.

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Architecture and modeling helps the developers to understand the dependencies over the modules while the coding of it can easily explain the use, design and graphical parts.

An important part of UML is the Object Constraint Language (OCL) – a textual language that allows to specify additional constraints on models in a more precise and concise way than it is possible to do with diagrams only.