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11-Feb-2017 14:13

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After a few minutes it was obvious that any new USB device plugged in would not install correctly - it was not related to the device getting plugged in.When a new USB device was plugged in, the ADD NEW HARDWARE wizard would appear asking if I wanted to search the internet for a driver.The first thing I tried to do was plug in my generic USB flash drive which contains all of our software toolkit.However, the PC asked me for a driver which I thought was pretty odd since XP should install flash keys automatically.When I tried to reinstall the USB device drivers, it disabled the mouse and keyboard. After rolling back that schoolboy error via VNC and System Restore, I continued the search for a solution.Learn about writing a HID source driver that reports HID data to the operating system.The problem was that all the 'solutions' looked at the actual device getting plugged in and not the USB subsystem which I suspected was causing the problem.

In order to improve your user experience with Virtual Box, it is recommended to read this section to learn more about common pitfalls and get recommendations on how to use the product.

Every time Virtual Box starts up a VM, a so-called .