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26-Mar-2017 07:46

The Connect Wireless Stick competes against media streamers and mobile drives designed specifically for smartphones, including the Kingston Mobile Lite, San Disk Wireless Media Drive (, £65, AU3), San Disk Ultra Dual USB 3.0 Drive (, £8, AU) and San Disk Dual USB Drive with Type-C Connector (, £40, AU).

What sets the Connect Wireless Stick apart from other USB flash drives on the market is its built-in wireless capabilities.

Like its predecessor, the San Disk Connect Wireless Stick is a slim USB dongle, about the size of a traditional flash drive, that can be plugged into a USB port to transfer and store files.

Measuring 3 inches (7.62cm) long by 0.75 inches (1.91cm) wide and 0.375 inches (0.95cm) deep, the drive has been redesigned to be smaller and slimmer than the Connect Wireless Flash Drive, Susan Park, Product Marketing Manager at San Disk, told me, so that it could be used on systems with cramped USB ports without blocking access to adjacent ports.

0-0 is a huge amount of money to pay for a smartphone with just 16GB of storage, and that 16GB of space always seems to vanish in a matter of weeks considering how big games and video files are these days.

Even users with 64GB or 128GB i Phones often end up filling their handsets with data, and then the dreaded errors like “cannot capture video” begin to appear. You can use a service like Google Photos to back up your images and videos, or you can use a device like the Lyve Home Photo and Video Manager.

Personally, I like the simplicity and efficiency of a simple i Phone-compatible flash drive, and I may have just found my new favorite one.

Additionally, they are immune to electromagnetic interference (unlike floppy disks), and are unharmed by surface scratches (unlike CDs).

With the accompanying redesigned i OS and Android apps, smartphone users can connect to the ad-hoc wireless network created by the Connect Wireless Stick to playback music and video content, access stored files and transfer files from their mobile devices to the Connect Wireless Stick to save storage space on their phones Aesthetically, the Connect Wireless Stick looks just like a USB 2.0 flash drive.