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26-Jan-2017 05:47

Okay what help me when I was experiencing the same issue was, staying logged in for five minutes in social club on my Mac Book, while my PS3 was running (XMB not GTA 5).

After five minutes the vehicle stats were completly up to date.

The Rockstar Games Social Club web site is a community portal for a variety of Rockstar's latest games.

Users create an account at RGSC, then link their Xbox Live/PSN account.

PROPERTY AND VEHICLE DISCOUNTS, AND MOREEvery boss needs a killer pad and ample suite of weapons to keep the competition in check.

Los Santos Customs The Los Santos Customs app offers players the freedom to create their ultimate vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V from anywhere. Also choose from paint jobs, window tints, smoke colors, wheels, hoods and spoilers.

Rockstar last week annouced a major new update to GTA 5 Online with the new Kill Quota Adversary Mode and now they've followed it up with plenty of new bonuses, including Double GTA$ and RP in Drop Zone, Power Play and Kill Quota."For players looking to jump-start their criminal empire, deep discounts can be had on Executive Offices, vehicles, weapons and armor," continues a statement on the Rockstar social hub."Also, player-created Deathmatches, Last Team Standings and Captures get a big boost with the addition of Stunt Props to the GTA Online Creator."For full details of what's included in the latest GTA 5 Online updates (available from November 29th - December 7th), keep reading for a full breakdown.

DOUBLE GTA$ & RP IN DROP ZONE, POWER PLAY & KILL QUOTA​Satisfy your paratrooper fantasy in Drop Zone or let your inner Beast run amok in Power Play, both of which are delivering Double GTA$ and RP now through December 8th, along with ongoing Double GTA$ & RP in Kill Quota, also running through December 8th.

Pet him, feed and water him, play fetch and tug-of-war, teach him tricks.

Too much or too little of an activity, however, will cause Chop to become unhappy, and nobody likes an unhappy Rottweiler.

Update: Chris is reviewing GTA for us, and has had problems launching the game that are unrelated to the above Windows username error.