Updating cell phone

04-Jul-2017 08:06

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The speed at which new platform updates arrive remains one of the major pain points of owning an Android device.

Whereas Apple rolls out i OS updates instantaneously across much of its product line — the platform absolutely was designed with that in mind — Google’s lack of direct control over the firmware running on most of the world's billion or so Android devices means it’s impossible for it to do the same.

Before, you chose an app to share to, and then a person.

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You must now have at least 6 taps and use 3 different quarters in your knock code.There have been efforts on multiple fronts: Firstly, the introduction of new features and APIs through Google Play Services, and the spinning of major Google apps out into the Play Store, allowing them to be updated independently from the OS.Google has put future Android code into the hands of OEMs earlier than before, through the “Google Play edition” program.They have completely removed the post-by email address, which means you can’t send photos from your mobile phone anymore via email or text. As of now, other than updating your status via SMS, you can add a friend, poke someone, like a page, get a text when a friend posts something, and get a one-time password. To setup Facebook Texts, log into your Facebook account, click on the little down arrow at the top right and then click on Settings.