Updating and fixing data sources with arcpy mapping updating rubygems leopard

05-Mar-2017 20:47

These broken data sources can't be used until they have been fixed, which can be an overwhelming process if the same changes need to be made across numerous map documents.

You can automate the process of finding and fixing these data sources using arcpy.mapping, without ever having to open the affected map documents.

There are a number of ways to repair broken data links, which are described in the following sections: You may find that several layers in your map need repairing.

For example, if a geodatabase containing data sources that are used for multiple layers in your map has been moved or renamed, all these layers will need to be repaired.

Finding broken data sources is a simple process requiring the use of the List Broken Data Sources() function, which returns a Python list of all broken data sources in a map document or layer file.

Typically, this function is used as the first step in a script that iterates through the list and fixes the data sources.

The Update Layer function allows you to replace all layer properties available in the Arc Map ) file.

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Arc SDE data connections updated via the Arc Catalog “Set Data Source” tool are not supported.

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Python Map Automation – Introduction to arcpy.mapping. Managing Documents and Layers FUNCTIONS Map Document Layer List Broken Data Sources List Data Frames List Layers List Layout Elements List Table Views Add Layer Add Layer To Group Insert Layer Move Layer Remove Layer Update Layer Create Map SDDraft ...

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Rather than having to work with different, individual layer objects for all possible layer types and property combinations, a method gives you the ability to test if the layer supports a property before trying to get or set its value on a layer type that doesn't support it, therefore reducing the need for additional error trapping.