Unknown error while updating ipod

11-Apr-2017 10:05

In this content, I’ve segregated all applicable workarounds into two classifications – namely Manufacturer-recommended workarounds These steps are generally recommended by Apple Support to help i OS device users deal with i Tunes restore or update problems as manifested by the error 9 prompted on the i Phone 6.

Be sure to test your device after completing each step to see if it has fixed the problem.

As described in the Apple support page, this error has something to do with a problem with the USB connection to your device that is causing it to unexpectedly disconnect when syncing.

Error 9 is often associated with a message prompt saying, Recommended Workarounds/Solutions to i Tunes error 9 Below are available workarounds you can try on to deal with error 9 on your i Phone 6 before setting up an appointment with an Apple Genius or procure a new phone.

This can be easily checked: This is an all-in-one type of solution to all software-related problems which may be leading to i Phone error 14.

As you have already read, i Tunes error 14 may happen for a number of reasons.