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25-Jun-2017 05:12

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” [tribbles are small, furry creatures] “Logic tells me we have a lot in common!” Anders and Farkas said soon users will be able to select their “race,” for there are so many different alien races in the Star Trek universe.A tracheotomy is one of the oldest operations, possibly dating back to the last century prior to the Christian era, according to a May 1986 article in "Der Anaesthesist." This surgical procedure involves making a hole in your trachea, or windpipe. Your physician may recommend this procedure for a variety of medical reasons.

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A doctor may perform a tracheotomy prior to other major surgeries to assist breathing.You won't be able to eat food right after having this procedure. 1917-2017: Tychyna, Zhadan, and the Dogs is a reminder to reflect on our past as we contemplate our ways forward. ” That is one of the “flirts” you can send to clingy Klingons on Trekkie Dating, a new dating website for Star Trek fans who wish to “live love and prosper.” Now there’s no need to wait until the official Star Trek conventions to meet your match.