Toward urban frameworks accommodating change in urban cultural landscapes

29-Jan-2017 23:29

Cultural landscapes can also include built environments that involve construction on and/or beneath the visible surface of the land, such as structures, roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, water lines, and sewer systems.The cultural landscape can also involve land alterations due to temporary constructions such as tipis, outdoor cooking areas, outdoor workspaces, and ceremonial uses of land.The Graduate Group invited them to present their perspectives on the future of the field at a symposium held during their visit.Donlyn Lyndon concluded the symposium with remarks excerpted here.

toward urban frameworks accommodating change in urban cultural landscapes-46

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Once projects are underway, long-term monitoring of structural and functional indicators can characterize progress toward each objective.

Wetland restoration policy should promote watershed planning, wherein wetland and upland restoration is prioritized to achieve multiple, specific ecosystem services.