The new dating technology meet in a bar

07-Jun-2017 00:03

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People in my mother's group of friends, a lot of women that have gone through divorces, or are ready for something new.

So I truly believe that what we're seeing with online dating is very similar to what happened with the Myspace-Facebook era, where Myspace was once this place for online connecting for a very select group of young people.

You might use it to see which friends are available to hang out, or remind you of acquaintances’ names or interests.

Other services, like Facebook, Jain compares to virtual reality. “Virtual reality, while it offers a tremendous new world for us to play in, is a different kind of social experience,” he says.Jain does say, however, that Tinder will adapt to whatever hardware platform is popular and helpful for users.Tinder is succeeding by applying this augmented reality strategy to dating, but this shift means they see a wider audience on the horizon. You can’t meet every single person, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing people that you would want to meet if you could.” Jain says. The dating startup is announcing its second acquisition today, buying a company called Humin that specializes in figuring out the context of social connections. With this addition the company, Tinder is starting to break from the mold in which it was formed.