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An armourial helmet looking to the left surmounts the shield with a Latin motto/text in a ribbon beneath.The Guy's Latin inscription and motto: "DARE QUAM ACCIPERE" translated as: "Better to give than receive". Tablets of Belladonna and Phenobarb(iturate...) were for treatment of heart conditions.

One of the earliest registered blackbird-shaped pie funnels was Australian Grace Seccombe’s Pie Crust Lifter from 1933.Most came in a basic cylinder or hourglass shape, like those made by the Gourmet Pie Cup company, while rare versions had a pair of vertical “wings” dividing the pie in half to allow for two different filling flavors.Mass-produced successors of these advertising ventilators were typically solid-colored ceramic chimneys with a round base and slender funnel-shaped spout.Donated By: Guy's Hospital (191) 19th Century, straight sided cylindrical water white glass jar with applied circular blue glass seal below the top rim. The body has three moulded vertical seams; the centre rib in the bottle dips down slightly towards the label, which is a glass covered inset label. (202) Lung Tonic Bottle with Cork Stopper Owbridge's Hull An aqua green glass Lung Tonic bottle with sloping shoulders.