Spice of life online dating

08-Jun-2017 16:10

-I'm looking for a man who I'm attracted to, who has best friend qualities and is looking to share lifes journeys with me.-I'm not a fan of endless texting and do prefer to have old fashioned phone conversations, or meet in person.

-I'm very social and enjoy sharing my life and all it's journeys with family and friends.Refer back to this list while you’re dating, as it will help you think through who is the most suitable partner.However, make sure your list is clear and realistic.You don’t have to be some kind of sleazy Lothario to appreciate the finer points of the opposite sex.

Sure, there are guys who will objectify women and gauge ‘success’ in terms of the sheer numbers of partners they entice into their bedrooms; unfortunate females who then become ‘conquests’ to be bragged about in the locker room.-I do enjoy a cosy couch night or a lazy sleep in and luv my cuddles.-Everyone's profiles seem to say the same things, I believe the difference between making a friend and finding a partner is chemistry and physical attraction.Don’t pretend to be something or someone that you’re not in an effort to impress a potential partner.