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Perhaps you need some strategies for managing your time and sticking it through to publication, including overcoming the initial reviews and occasional outright rejections. Learn tips for identifying potential partners and best practices for making the collaboration work.We hope to provide support to meet these needs and more. Then get started finding your future collaborator in our version of “speed dating.” Bring your elevator speech and get ready to share your scholarly interests in a series of minute “dates” with your. No matter where you are in the process, this gift of time is a valuable one for moving your scholarship forward.They are worthless but make entertaining birthday presents for children.His finance minister since 2013 is Mr Patrick Chinamasa, formerly a long-serving Justice Minister.Join your colleagues in a quiet space and get focused on your writing, literature synthesis, data analysis, etc.

Perhaps you want to work on establishing a focused area of scholarship and a framework for ongoing work.

The hub has guides, the latest scams to watch out for and videos to help keep the fraudsters at bay.

The bogus emails (right) - likely to have been sent to thousands of people - are aimed at stealing your bank details by making people think someone has gone shopping using your Apple account.

Today, This is Money launches a new hub page for scams to watch out for as fraud losses continue to grow.

Bookmark it, send to friends and family to help stem the flow.The 2016 Discourse programme was developed by CTM's Jan Rohlf and Norient, presenting a range of contributors to the "Seismographic Sounds.Visions of a New World" exhibition presented within the festival.“It also simply gave them someone to relate to,” Min said.