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14-Jun-2017 13:00

“Illegal activities are discussed openly on many open forums,” says the report.“The law and its consequences are rarely discussed and if the topic is raised it is generally dismissed.The race to bring self-driving cars to the road got uglier this week as the self-driving car company owned by Google parent Alphabet accused Uber of using stolen technology to speed up its autonomous car development.Waymo filed a lawsuit against Uber on Thursday accusing the ride-hailing company of stealing its trade secrets.“Misappropriating this technology is akin to stealing a secret recipe from a beverage company,” the company's spokespeople wrote, adding: “Hundreds of Waymo engineers have spent thousands of hours, and our company has invested millions of dollars to design a highly specialised and unique Li DAR system.” Uber said it took the allegations seriously and would review the matter carefully.

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It also pledged to stop any further increases to its greenhouse gas emissions by the same timeline.

The historic event in Paris saw delegates from nearly 200 countries - including Singapore - agreeing to go on a carbon diet.

The pact, the first universal, legally binding climate deal, came into force on Nov 4 last year, and aims to keep the global temperature rise this century to below 2 deg C.

There is a combined train ferry bus service between Java and Bali. Jakarta & Surabaya to Bali by train & ferry Jakarta to Sumatra by train & ferry Train travel on Sumatra Ferries to Borneo, Sulawesi & Papua Singapore & Malaysia to Indonesia by ferry...

and overland travel to/from Europe Citizens of many countries including the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand & Singapore do not require a visa for stays of up to 30 days.

“Very little skill is needed to begin criminal activity online,” reads the NCA study.