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Now I’m back at work and loaded down with deadlines, a circumstance made even more tragic by the fact that my work friends all quit last week and now I get to eat lunch alone at my desk.Suffice it to say, I’m having some trouble getting my skepticism on.It is important to emphasize that skepticism is simply a way of thinking that follows evidence, and not memorizing a list of true or false.Critical thinking is a skill that must be practiced, and any ‘expert’ is equally susceptible to being deceived by simple gimmicks.People love their placebos; it doesn’t matter who you are, you love one too.Be it for lack of knowledge or a lack of time, we have all been fooled, it’s a part of human nature.I am concerned that if I don’t reason with her the beliefs will snowball and suddenly I’ll find myself in an angel shop buying energy crystals.However, reasoning with her may shake the apple-cart as I’ll appear to be blithely shooting down her beliefs.

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Psychics have also long exploited these same shortcomings under false pretenses to divorce desperate seekers from their money.It is feared by scientists that one day, a photo between Shoe and Skeptic will be so heartwarming, that both Devon Tracey and Brett Keane will grow a heart.She has been planned to appear on the Drunken Peasants several times, but the appearance always fell through because of reasons.But I admittedly have my doubts when it comes to my own sex/love life, and I often approach any dating experience or relationship through a guarded, sensitive, and cautionary lens. Being a relationship skeptic does not imply that I don’t date or have given up on my love life. Just because I put a focus on my apprehensions when entering a relationship or casual dating experience, that doesn’t mean I will have those same apprehensions throughout the relationship.