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The phrase for which you searched will be displayed in red letters.Click [Go to this message], and the chat messages and tasks with the phrase for which you searched will open automatically.About Israel Yakovee Israel Yakovee won the 2nd place prize at the Karmiel dance competition in 2009 with his Yemenite dance Oked Vene'ekad.The song is about Abraham being asked to sacrifice his only son Isaac.Almost every Israeli folk dancer alive today has seen this dance.This did not happen since the Israelites danced with Miriam, the sister of Moses, when they reached the safety of the far side of the Red Sea.With added guests from the technology and gaming worlds that will be on the show from time to time.

Hosted with Joseph Falbey, Jon Kessler and Chase Nunes.But then all the Israelites were gathered in one place, unlike today when we are scattered in all four corners of the earth yet, we will be doing the same dance all at the same time.Phenomenal." I taught "Nirkod Lashalom" to my class as depicting the road to peace - with its surprising twists and turns, hesitations, grand gestures, and halting steps backwards, yet really simple to achieve.Click [Type to search for chat/message] on the top of the chat screen.