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It is no shock to you when I say that we live in a world and society today that is obsessed with sex.

Sex is used to sell everything from cars to soft drinks to chewing gum to a new football league.

Some have reasoned that only sexual intercourse is actually sex and so anything else is because it isn't really sex and so it isn't really wrong.

These teens conclude that as long as both of you want to do it, what's the problem?

The United States, where the largest proportion of sexually-explicit movies are produced, has the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the industrialized world—nearly a million a year.

Additionally, three million teens are infected with some form of . The common belief among many youth today is that sex is something to be experimented with freely.

Magazine covers feature barely clothed young women, and the article titles say things like “50 Ways to Drive Your Man Wild in Bed.” Playing with leaves We find graphic depictions of sexual activity in novels, science fiction, music, movies and television.

So, not the most diverse sample, but that's often the case in Halifax.

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