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Berwanger, “Hardin and Langston: Western Black Spokesmen of the Reconstruction Era,” Journal of Negro History 64 (Spring 1979).

In 1853, the Lumbee Indians, a triracial people who are descendants of several southeastern Indian tribes, whites, and African Americans, named themselves after the Lumber River, which flows through their homeland in North Carolina.

When the United States Constitution was ratified (1789), a relatively small number of free people of color were among the voting citizens (male property owners).

During and immediately following the Revolutionary War, abolitionist laws were passed in most Northern states and a movement developed to abolish slavery.

Included in this list are shelters and local programs that provide support, counseling, safety planning, and other services to victims of abuse. Box 8751636 North 20th St Abilene, TX 79604Hotline: (325) 676-7107 or 1-800- 444-3551Phone: (325) 672-6626Web: available for families, crisis counseling and advocacy. Legal services, counseling and support groups, community education and outreach services (to surrounding communities, including, Balmorhea, Marathon, Fort Davis, Marfa, Sanderson, Valentine, Candelaria, and Fort Stockton) are available as well.

If you cannot get help from the organization nearest you, you might want to try calling one in a neighboring county. The Crisis Center serves Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos, Presidio, and Terrell Counties.

Prior to the Renaissance, courtesans served to convey information to visiting dignitaries, when servants could not be trusted.

Most of these states had a higher proportion of free labor than in the South and economies based on different industries.