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) I just wanted to say something that would break the ice. I'm like chocolate pudding - I look like crap but I’m as sweet as can be. I bet your last name is Jacobs - because you’re a real cracker! I’m so shy that I’ll just give him a look of disgust and hope that he reads between the lines.To celebrate a new university year, and all that means in terms of the flirting and the kissing, the birds and the bees, we've stretched the concept of Thrifty Fun (well flirting is free...) and compiled 69 chat up lines that are especially suited for student use. (This post was inspired by the absolutely hilarious book “Free-Range Chickens”, by Simon Rich, one of the writers for SNL. I would totally go over and ask him if he wants to have sex with me, but I’m just too shy. Girl 2: I’ll just pretend to ignore anything he says or does like he really doesn’t even show up on my radar in any way and hope he sees the truth.Common arguments we get to hear are: "Yes, it is too late, I was already harassed" or "I don't care, I just block." However, you should report it in any case if someone talks to you like that for the following reasons: From experience we know that the harassers do not capitulate after a rejection - they harass 10 or 20 persons, and if they do not face any consequences, they will harass hundreds of people.

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Girl 1: He must be one of the coolest, hottest guys around. Girl 1: Hey, do you see that guy who was already in the classroom when we walked in, reading a book? That’s Adam Avitable, and he’s famous because he was in MAD Magazine. Chock full of hilarious imagined conversations, bon mots, and absurdist takes on common concepts, it’s a quick read that actually made me laugh out loud.) For Episode Nine of “Clearly, You’re Retarded”, Britt and I will be goin’ gangsta at 9 PM EST on Talkshoe. You can listen live online at, or download the Talkshoe application and you can chat and even call in!These aren't just for boys, girls can use them too. I for one would instantly propose to the girl who came up and asked me 'How many camels can I buy you for? If for some reason a chat up line hasn't worked, please comment below and we'll either fix it or give you a brand new one totally free - that's the bona fide Hexjam guarantee. Could you try calling it for me to see if it rings? My magical watch says you aren't wearing any underwear!