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His scowl made her shut up straight away."Unka, why you angy? When she opened the door, her husband was pulling his T-shirt over his head, revealing his toned torso. The smile lasted all day as her, Mokuba, Maria and Seto had a family day in. Joey lifted Maria's head from her mother's shoulder saying, "Don't I get a hug? " Maria reached for Joey's arm, pulling him closer to his family. Even through the eye bags, sweaty brow and disheveled hair, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. " It seemed that the nurse in front of them was not a very patient woman. Serenity looked up and sighed with a small smile, "Aiko. " She asked, flinching back as he raised his hand to ruffle her curly hair. Maria started giggling at the thought of her big, strong daddy crying because there was soap his eye! When they finished washing the toddler, Serenity took Maria to her and Seto's bedroom to put her into her nightie. He had already changed his jeans for sweatpants so he was ready for bed. They had a few swims in the pool, played games in the garden, even played with the Alsations and Golden Labradors, baked cookies for Joey and Mai for when they got back (Seto, being the way he was, wrote on his, "Condolences Mai, for having to stay with a Mutt. As they "family" hugged, Serenity hugged her husband and whispered, "What was that all about? Small, weak and pink was the being that was placed in her arms by the nurse. That's what we'll name her.""Perfect," Seto grinned as he kissed her cheek, holding Aiko's tiny hand. Unfortunately, these memories are not random and Yami Bakura has a new trick up his sleeve to get the Items.Seto Kaiba was shocked out of his wits when he realized that he had been assassinated.Serenity is back from 3 yrs in America in New York and Joey is thrilled to have her back, but she's not the same. Joey and Seto still fight but what will happen when Seto pulls Serenity into the middle of their fights? ] Serenity Wheeler Shizuka Kawai, your perfect sweet girl with a rule filled life. Seto Kaiba never thought that he would fall in love..when he does, Serenity has to choose either him or her brother, Joey. Or will Serenity break her bond with Joey just to be with him? Ratings vary within all and if you have a favorite Seto x Shizuka fic, please feel free to notify me. One day Shizuka writes a love letter to Kaiba Seto, but never intentionally meant to send it... Setox Serenity, slight Setox Tea Tonight is a special night for Seto Kaiba for it is his and Serenity Wheeler's wedding! A girl gets amnesia one night thanks to Kaiba and since she has no idea who she is and everything Kaiba decides to take care of her and actually grows attached to her, but what happens when he finds out she's Serenity Wheeler?

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When Mokuba decides to cheer his brother up due to a stressful day, he asks Serenity for help.Seto Kaiba, your rich hottie with a closed up life. I have been noticing that there needs to be a Seto Serenity archive for fanfics and poems so I figure people who like this couple can post their favorite stories here and stuff like that. Oneshot Seto Kaiba's daughter is more like him then he wants when it comes to technology, which results in him being locked in her room with her to confront his greatest fears, parenthood and tea parties. Joey and Seto still fight but what will happen when Seto pulls Serenity into the middle of their fights?Now, instead of sitting idle, he breaks down defenses and romances both girls. Tea x Seto x Serenity[Death: T Centered] After being defeated, Kaiba Seto will go at any lengths to get revenge on Yuugi & his friends.

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With that, Shizuka is thrown into a dark, dark world where her brother's very life is in the crucible & only she can stop it. ]Seto Kaiba was shocked out of his wits when he realized that he had been assassinated.

Yes, this one is more innocent than the last Metal Fight Beyblade one... He was currently sitting on the edge of his outdoor pool, in a pair of black trunks of course, playing and splashing about with his three year old niece, a smirk befalling his lips. They both laughed as Seto threw her from his lap, up into his arms. Seto leaned forward and kissed her on the forehead."Maria, if you want anything, anything at all, all you have to do is come to me.