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creator/writers Jane Espenson and Brad Bell, as well as actors Sean Hemeon and Amy Acker to talk about their new home on CW Seed, passive-aggressiveness, and why Brady and Cheeks won’t be shopping for a crib anytime soon... People don’t walk up to you in the department store and say, “Hey, I think your lifestyle’s really gross! And I’m wondering…so many of us have the experience of falling in love with the gay boy, and then we find out that he’s gay and we have various reactions to that. We had a take, which I never liked that was much more pointed… We try to make our characters like each other and be positive and have the conflict come not because the person is bad… Espenson: But simply because there’s a conflict of interest.Do you think that working with CW Seed is going to affect the format of Brad Bell (Cheeks): No, in fact I know that it hasn’t because the episodes are done, so the answer is no. Bell: Well, we got a meeting with them because we had gotten wind that they were looking to acquire properties and content. ” I mean, you know, sure that happens but mostly the way that it happens is, you know, the father’s tugging on his kid’s arm and saying, “You don’t want to watch that.” It’s more subtle, to the side, behind closed doors behaviour. Are we going to get into that or is it more personal to her situation: 'I’m from the South and he left me pretty much at the altar and I’m going make his life hell'. Back on the subject of passive aggressiveness for a moment, this is a tool that a lot of gay men have used to deal with the bashing and the general prejudice and bigotry. And is part of his challenge to sort of work out of that with Brady because, you know, Brady isn’t that person. Espenson: I’m reminded of “Did you say wait, or fate? “Oh, I didn’t hear you.” And I didn’t like that because I don’t like that character type. Bell: Although I will say that, maybe when pushed, to make a point, Cheeks can be passive aggressive. But he will do his best, and then, at a certain point, he’s like, okay, we’re done now.Cheeks (Brad Bell) and his until-recently ballplayer husband Brady (Sean Hemeon) give a press conference about their new marriage.Flashbacks reveal them hung-over in Vegas after celebrating a new marriage equality law and reacting in shock to the realization that they are married.Jane Espenson read the script and declared it "brilliant, and funny, and hilarious".She urged Bell to move forward with the project and search for a more immediate angle.

Cheeks and Brady have a cathartic moment about the possibility of remaining married.Brady panics when thinking of the impact the impulsive wedding will have on the public eye's view of them.Cheeks has already come to terms with the situation at hand, despite both becoming aware of the leaked news about them on the Internet.Before they launched Seed, they had a couple of digital shows that they had “acquired” more than “paid to produce.” And so we went in, and when we went into the pitch meeting, they were already fans; they already knew the show, which was incredibly rare. And it’s the more of a creative challenge to write. Espenson: You are so in the area of the story so that to make a distinction sort of says what the story is. But I think that it’s that you could see what that experience is in the performance, be it the first of those options or the second. We actually don’t really have characters like that. Espenson: I think Cheeks’ Achilles heel is probably a certain lack of empathy.

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So we were super excited and grateful and loved the idea of working with them. But the great thing about Cheeks is that you get to see him have those moments of revelation of going, “Oh…” I think that Cheeks is a great character because he is flawed but lovable. I think what Sean (Hemeon) was saying is that dealing with this stuff with Claudia has sort of made things real for him.

Brad Bell explained, "25% of our audience is international, and we love those fans ...