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Ledlow freelanced as a reporter for both ESPN and NBC before landing a job with Fox Sports Florida.She currently works as a field reporter covering SEC and ACC football and basketball.Winner 2013 Silver Bear (Alfred Bauer Prize) Berlin International Film Festival.Vic Flo Saw a Bear is a darkly mysterious tale of two lesbian ex-cons, Victoria and Florence, trying to ...Internet sleuths guessed that after around three years of dating, the two decided to become husband and wife. Smack Down’s newest acquisition, Kevin Owens, 32, also ruined the secret. “You know why I’m saying congratulations.” KO asked if he was “allowed” to disclose that she was married, but Smack Down commissioner Shane Mc Mahon, 47, shot that idea down. After a short stint in Florida Championship Wrestling (the precursor to the WWE’s NXT developmental program) he made his main roster debut in 2012 alongside Seth Rollins, 30, and Roman Reigns, 31, as part of The Shield.

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I fled to Los Angeles at 19 without having worked a day of my life as a performer.

Dean and Renee’s secret marriage is completely opposite of what happened to John Cena, 39, and Nikki Bella, 33.

While Dean and Renee tied the knot while no one was looking, all eyes were on the WWE’s power couple as John proposed to Nikki during Wrestle Mania 33.

Much of the time her best friend (Catherine St-Laurent) is hanging out with her, and her brother and his two band members also spend most of their time there, practicing.

The mood of this film is quite different: it's very quiet, relaxed.

Here are the 40 most popular female sports reporters today. And if I missed Current Employer: Fox Sports Past Experience: ESPN Tallahassee Twitter ID: @Kristen Ledlow Twitter Followers: Approaching 3,000Did You Know: Kristen Ledlow is a former collegiate athlete and graduate of Southeastern University.