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As part of any diagnostic process there are some basic, initial steps that have proven invaluable in solving many issues.

The Hello Test will display Test Successful if it is able to connect to the internet and contact the Server.

African Animal Facts Africa is home to some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth; there are more than one million species of animals on this continent of 11 million square miles.

African animals are distributed throughout the continent’s deserts, rain forests, savannahs, valleys, and mountains.

African Animals and humans African animals have long been under threat from humans.

The wild African landscape has been a favorite international hunting destination since the early 20th century. Press the back button to exit talk mode and you will be returned to the Live Viewing screen main menu. Press the brightness button to adjust the level of brightness of live video. Move the bar to the left or right depending on the level of light in the room for optimal video image.This feature is only available if you have added a user.Press the record button to record video of your baby at any time while watching live video. This feature requires you to add an additional camera to your system.