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“She started yelling and cursing Gibson, saying she wanted her money,” a source said.Rizzo was furious with Gibson over a failed moneymaking scheme, he told cops at the 81st Precinct staion house, where he filed a police report.“If she didn’t hold and command that amount of respect, there wouldn’t be that kind of ribbing.” “I take this very seriously,” Rizzo, 39, said.For years, Phaedra Parks has been accused of texting with a mystery man while she was still married to Apollo.As you can see, someone wrote RAT in giant orange letters.We spoke to Karen, and she tells us all signs point to Drita D'Avanzo -- whom Karen had an epic beef with in the final season of the reality show last year.Men aren’t the only heavies in these “families.” The star of hit VH1 reality show “Mob Wives” ordered armed thugs to abduct a man off a Chelsea street so she could shake him down for cash and jewelry, the alleged victim told cops. ” Ramona Rizzo allegedly told Shonte Gibson, 36, when he was stuffed into her Chevy Traverse SUV outside the hot spot Chelsea Manor on Saturday, according to law enforcement sources.Rizzo, 41 — the granddaughter of notorious Bonanno soldier Benjamin “Lefty Guns” Ruggiero and fiancée of jailed Gambino drug runner Joseph Sclafani — was sitting in the driver’s seat with Gibson behind her.

Some of co-stars keep insisting that she knew, and support Apollo’s allegations about, “”According to Fameolous, Mr.She married a man of Arab descent and has four kids.Her grandfather was portrayed by Al Pacino in the film Donnie Brasco.DJ Will showed up, but didn’t have nearly enough cash to cover the debt, a source said.

Rizzo allegedly threatened Gibson again and then let him out of the car. ’’ #Chop that was just the Tame Beasts that Adjusted Ur Skirt!!!Sounds like Karen's moved on from that feud, even if Drita hasn't.A rep for Drita wouldn't comment, except to say she wishes Karen and her team a successful year. Karen and her camp seem to have a plan of action to deal with it.Karen Gravano got labeled as a RAT last week -- or at least her car did -- after someone spray-painted her Mercedes Benz and slashed her tires.