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RSA- In our version of RSA Algorithm, we create 2 primes of length 2048 bits each(say P and Q) and multiply them to get N We took E at 2^16 1 Then we calculate phi as (P-1)(Q-1).The JServer class and the JClient class initiate two threads each, namely the sender and the receiver.The sender and the receiver then use the send Message, receive Message and end Chat to send or receive messages or end the chat appropriately.Or, you may use that email address to request a fax number for remittance of hard copy.

Only physically signed documents (the OCA) or copies of physically signed documents will be accepted as binding agreements.

If you've already signed the OCA in order to contribute to a Oracle-sponsored project then you do not need to sign it again in order to contribute to other projects requiring the OCA.2.