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It’s Canada’s Denver: An urban gateway just east of the mountains and home to a major airport a little over five-hours direct from New York.And with currency exchange rates the best they’ve been in five years, now’s the time to go.Frog Hollow was known as “one of the most depraved areas of Sydney”. Much is gentrified and still I hear and see plenty of building and renovation happening around me.

The motion picture, which opens May 9 on 600 movie screens across the country, including in Salt Lake City, is being heavily marketed to the Christian community.

My research of Surry Hills has left me a bit befuddled.

The list of interesting places, specialised coffee shops, great eateries and hip bars, galleries and vintage stores is long.

But this is all like saying New York is the greatest city in the world— the question remains: What’s the best part of the best?

The epicenter of Rocky Mountain paradise is a core of mountain ranges north of Idaho and Montana along the northwest-southeast border between British Columbia and Alberta.This abandoned public school dating from circa 1800 was the property of the Gideon Hoch farm that in its golden years, resumed back to the property of the Hoch family, which was then used to store old time farm apparatus like Conestoga wagon running gears with large rear wheels.Further down the road toward Lobachsville was an enormous double limestone kiln in which the Hoch family operated for fertilizing their fields and probably sold limestone deposits to the Oley Iron Furnace.This is how the Sarah Boone schoolhouse looked in the 1960ís as famed local historian, George Meiser IX captured it among thousands of other photographs he has amassed of the Oley Valley, with approximately 8,000 published of the county in his 22 volumes.