Problems updating software on sharp bd hp20u

16-Feb-2017 01:43

Do you see any improvement with the player using the new firmware update?

problems updating software on sharp bd hp20u-50

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Out of the box, this needed no firmware updates to play even the newest movie I owned (i.e.I sure hope they can improve the BD disc load times on it with this firmware update.Denon AVR-887 Klipsch RP-5 Pwred Towers (mains) (525 watts peak each 12"Subs) All Klipsch RC-25(ctr),(2)SS1(surr),(2)SS1(rear Surr) Toshiba (2)HD-A20, PS3, BD35 For SACD/DVD-A Samsung HD-841 Panny 50pz80u plasma This is what the Sharp website says regarding the NEW firmware: "Software update to fix issues with Blue ray disc freezes immediately or the interactive features can not be selected.Superbad [Blu-ray]- released the same week as this review) - which my Sony BDP-S300 tried to load for 15 minutes before locking up (and this was with firmware 2.6 installed already - firmware 3.30 was needed but it couldn't load due to a system error - now my old player sits in Pennsylvania at a Sony service center).