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Time zones, and time-zone conventions, are influenced by political decisions, not just earth geometry.

Time zones around the world became somewhat standardized during the 1900s, but continue to be prone to arbitrary changes, particularly with respect to daylight-savings rules.

Gregorian Calendar cal = ...; Time Zone tz = Time Zone(); int tzoffset = cal.get(Calendar.

ZONE_OFFSET); Zoned Date Time zdt = Zoned Date Time(); Gregorian Calendar new Cal = Gregorian Calendar.from(zdt); Local Date Time ldt = Local Date Time(); Local Date date = Local Date(); Local Time time = Local Time(); Because the Java implementation of date and time has been completely redesigned in the Java SE 8 release, you cannot swap one method for another method.

JULY, 20, 19, 30); Zone Id leaving Zone = Zone Id.of("America/Los_Angeles"); Zoned Date Time departure = Zoned Date Time.of(leaving, leaving Zone); try catch (Date Time Exception exc) // Flight is 10 hours and 50 minutes, or 650 minutes Zone Id arriving Zone = Zone Id.of("Asia/Tokyo"); Zoned Date Time arrival = Zone Same Instant(arriving Zone) Minutes(650); try catch (Date Time Exception exc) if (arriving Rules()Daylight Savings(Instant())) printf(" (%s daylight saving time will be in effect.)%n", arriving Zone); else printf(" (%s standard time will be in effect.)%n", arriving Zone); // Find the last Thursday in July 2013.If you want to use the rich functionality offered by the methods listed in the previous section.However, if you do not want to use that approach or it is not sufficient for your needs, then you must rewrite your date-time code.America/Caracas - America/St_Johns - Asia/Calcutta Asia/Colombo Asia/Kabul Asia/Kathmandu Asia/Katmandu Asia/Kolkata Asia/Rangoon Asia/Tehran Australia/Adelaide Australia/Broken_Hill Australia/Darwin Australia/Eucla Australia/LHI Australia/Lord_Howe Australia/North Australia/South Australia/Yancowinna Canada/Newfoundland - Indian/Cocos Iran NZ-CHAT Pacific/Chatham Pacific/Marquesas - Pacific/Norfolk ?

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If you are writing complex software that models its own rules for date and time calculations based on geographic locations, or if you are storing time-stamps in a database that track only absolute offsets from Greenwich/UTC time, then you might want to use package, to determine how an offset varies for a particular time zone.

Additional fractional digits are accepted, but only 9 fractional digits are kept during temporal arithmetic.