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08-Apr-2017 12:01

I don't really have anyone for the Terrorist Pair yet...(And of course, in most cases I'm not exactly counting age, but personality-wise).

You’ve been my favorite boxing writer for over 15 years now. I hope we get at least one of these fights next year.Only for the two to get enveloped in a cartoonish cloud, their fists flying in-and-out of the cloud, implying that they were, simply put, beating the crap out of each other. And Thanos is supreme."Thanos walked forward, the dead heroes acting like an edgy stairway. The scuffle lasted for a few seconds, but it ended with the Hulk getting two spiked fists to the face, knocking him out of the cloud. Walking across the distant planet he had fought and won on, Thanos Ghost Rider VS Asura: One Minute Melee!!! Thinking quickly, Knuckles curled into a ball, and shot up at the Hulk, homing into the green goliath.