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You may like to book a Free Emotional Health Check with one of our senior therapists, to find out which psychologist is best for you – help is just a phone call away!

We have psychology professionals based out of two convenient locations on Brisbane’s southside: Appointment times are offered weekdays, after hours, and weekends.

I'm a 34-year old who just told her boyfriend of almost 4 years that she was a 'body rocker'.

Like many of you, I was really ashamed of this 'disorder' or 'compulsion'. I don't know how or exactly when it happened but I stopped body rocking at about 27 years old. My rocking wasn't interfering with my life, it brought a sense of relaxing/dreaming to my daily life. I would put a pillow on the floor, between the stereo speakers and "bounce" my head to music and daydream for hours.

We have extensive information on OCD and Related Disorders.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is an anxiety disorder involving intrusive and reoccurring thoughts and actions.

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I'd rock on the floor and day dream and it seems that the rocking motion would help me day dream and I'd end up in almost in a trance. instead of studying I'd body rock and dream whenever possible....

Obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders are a group of similar psychiatric disorders characterized by repetitive thoughts, distressing emotions, and compulsive behaviors.