Nsa chat yahoo

14-Jun-2017 15:04

As shocking as Edward Snowden’s revelations have been, there are a lot of people who just didn’t seem to care about the far-reaching Internet surveillance of the NSA.Perhaps this news will get their attention: the NSA and Britain’s GCHQ were stealing live webcam footage from Yahoo users, and they may have been caught naked. The software — called Optic Nerve — was somewhat limited.They had to fiddle with the software a bit because it was flagging images as porn that were mostly composed of faces because of high skin-to-other-things ratio.Once it was flagging faces as faces, well, all that porn could be safely squirreled away for posterity.It means that US tech companies that serve billions of users around the world can now be forced to act as extensions of the US surveillance apparatus. As was reported earlier, Yahoo did not fight the secret directive because Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer and the Yahoo legal team did not believe that they could successfully resist the directive. If it was possible to fight the directive, Yahoo certainly would have done so since they previously fought against .It does not make sense that US surveillance agencies would serve Yahoo Mail with such an order but ignore Gmail, the world’s largest email provider, or Outlook.Mr Poutine veut -il à ce point marquer l' Histoire de sang humain pour que les générations à venir se rappellent de lui ?

See, their highly-trained operatives had heard that a “webcam is known to be used by GCHQ targets.” Clearly, that’s all the justification that’s needed to begin capturing private digital video transmissions in the 21st century. Il aurait pu toucher plusieurs millions d’utilisateurs du chat de Yahoo! Sur un seul semestre de 2008, 1,8 million de comptes Yahoo! Nous pouvons sans risque présumer que ce programme s’est renforcé par la suite. La firme déclare ne pas avoir été au courant de cette opération, qui constitue « un niveau sans précédent de violation de la vie privée de nos utilisateurs, ce qui est complètement inacceptable ». en appelle, encore une fois, à une réforme des règles régissant les activités des agences de renseignement, aux États-Unis comme dans le reste du monde.Il est à noter que les interceptions se faisaient sans distinction et sans l’application de quelconques critères de sélection. Sometime in early 2015, Yahoo secretly modified their spam and malware filters to scan all incoming email messages for the phrases in the court order and then siphoned those messages off to US intelligence.