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In this experiment, male passersby were contacted either on a fear-arousing suspension bridge or a non-fear-arousing bridge by an attractive woman who asked them to fill out questionnaires.

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You don’t plan to have it, you don’t think it, you’re sitting together one moment and you break up.

And before both of you know it, you’re in bed having the wildest sex of your relationship! Break up sex is the infamous last round of sex you have with a lover after both of you decide to call off the relationship and break up.

And there’s no shame in that because, according to Seth Meyers in Psychology Today, make-up sex has the same type of effect on the brain as a line of cocaine. A momentary bliss, it brings you up from the low of an argument to a type of ecstasy that can only come from an orgasm.

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Much like a drug addict, couples yearn for that momentary high that comes from escaping that tense and electrically-charged fight."The only thing that I know about make-up sex is that it works pretty well." A married woman "I am an expert in make-up sex and have done it so many times." A married woman "I feel more love during make-up sex because I know that no matter what happened, our love has survived it." A married woman "I've never had make-up sex in my whole life, despite a lot of fighting." A divorcee "Breakup sex is AMAZING!It's really hard to explain till you experience it! ” An anonymous man Make-up sex is wild and extremely gratifying sex that people report having experienced after having had an intense fight.Famous Comics offers you to take a plunge into the bottomless ocean of celebrity hardcore looming with the most qualitative sex masterpieces drawn by the best graphic artists of today – and featuring the most desired celebrity bitches coming right off the stage and into the world of wild fucking!