Network policy for updating windows environments

07-May-2017 04:58

SUS ran on a Windows Server operating system and downloaded updates for the specified versions of Windows from the remote Windows Update site which was operated by Microsoft.

Clients could then download updates from this internal server, rather than connecting directly to Windows Update.

Windows Server Update Services 2.0 and above comprise a repository of update packages from Microsoft.

It allows administrators to approve or decline updates before release, to force updates to install by a given date, and to obtain extensive reports on what updates each machine requires.

WSUS builds on SUS by expanding the range of software it can update.

The WSUS infrastructure allows automatic downloads of updates, hotfixes, service packs, device drivers and feature packs to clients in an organization from a central server(s).

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Target audience Candidates for this course are information technology (IT) professionals who work in medium to large organizations.System administrators can also configure WSUS to approve certain classes of updates automatically (critical updates, security updates, service packs, drivers, etc.).One can also approve updates for "detection" only, allowing an administrator to see what machines will require a given update without also installing that update.Provides an overview of the advanced features used to manage network datalinks and improve network performance.