Muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log Webcam sex hookup chat cam2cam

16-Feb-2017 20:16

mail.* -/var/log/maillog # Log cron stuff cron.* /var/log/cron # Everybody gets emergency messages *.emerg * # Save news errors of level crit and higher in a special file.

uucp,/var/log/spooler # Save boot messages also to local7.* /var/log/4578.692833385:b6d8fb70: Message from UNIX socket: #3 4578.692906216:b6d8fb70: logmsg: flags 4, from 'Bucksnort', msg Jul 15 mpenning: my test again 4578.692936284:b6d8fb70: Message has legacy syslog format.

You purchased yourself a brand new HP Touch Pad this weekend. There are a few things you can do however to significantly improve the speed of the device.

Updating the Operating System to the latest version: This update contains some noticeable performance enhancements, but we’re not done just yet. Next you’ll need to install Preware, which will give you access to install hundreds of free and mostly open source homebrew applications, games, and patches on the Touch Pad.

4578.692977796:b6d8fb70: main Q: entry added, size now 1 entries 4578.693017277:b6d8fb70: wtp Advise Max Workers signals busy 4578.693079869:b6d8fb70: main Q: Enqueue Msg advised worker start 4578.693117891:b6d8fb70: --------imuxsock calling select, active file descriptors (max 5): 3 5 4578.693210533:b7590b70: main Q: entry deleted, state 0, size now 0 entries 4578.693246128:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693269892:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 255 4578.693296429:b7590b70: Called action, logging to builtin-file 4578.693340007:b7590b70: file to log to: /var/log/syslog 4578.693369336:b7590b70: do Write, p Data-p Strm 0x96b6268, len Buf 50 4578.693400172:b7590b70: strm 0x96b6268: file 7(syslog) flush, buflen 50 4578.693487314:b7590b70: strm 0x96b6268: file 7 write wrote 50 bytes 4578.693512965:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693530524:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693547988:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693564966:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693581783:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693599197:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693616153:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693632854:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693649647:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693666837:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693683852:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693700593:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 128 4578.693717070:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 0 4578.693734486:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 1 4578.693751624:b7590b70: testing filter, f_pmask 240 4578.693769534:b7590b70: Called action, logging to builtin-pipe 4578.693791155:b7590b70: (/dev/xconsole) 4578.693820288:b7590b70: main Q: Reg/w0: worker IDLE, waiting for work.

:~# ipkg install mt-daapd-svn Installing mt-daapd-svn (1696-1) to root... ss/stable/This can be added to the /opt/etc/file as a new source.

muffle system logging error updating see ipkg log-3

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&1" [without the quotes] to get a listing without extracting again.

I’ll tackle the instructions for that in a future post.