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20-Aug-2017 06:09

Tom Hardy is more than just the lead actor in FX and BBC's new drama Taboo; he's baked into the DNA.

Beyond just acting in the show, he produces it and co-created it, and it's a bit of a passion project he's been developed for close to a decade.

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At Taboo's 2017 winter TV Critics Association press tour panel for Taboo, Knight recalls being immediately intrigued by Hardy's pitch because "you know he's going to play the lead." Through Hardy's character James Delaney, Knight is exploring the rise of individualism in post-French Revolution, post-American Revolution 1814 Britain.It was also pretty damn impossible," admits the author and playwright, who has joined his son and his beloved dog, Woody, for our chat."I went away for a year and wrote on this, and tried to build a context, unbeknownst to Tom." The result, with the help of co-creator Steven Knight (who Tom's worked with before on the hit show Peaky Blinders and 2013 film Locke) and top producer Ridley Scott, is an eight-episode drama, set in 1814.I need to finish my novel," but a year later Chips Hardy completed a treatment that they then took to Steven Knight.

"We begged Steve to write our story because we had a concept and a basic treatment of the character, and Steve was busy and he had an offer informally, which was, 'If you do Locke and Peaky Blinders, I would love to do your pilot and rewrite your title.' That's where it all started, and the three of us set about trying to create a new piece of work," said Hardy.

"I played Bill Sikes in Oliver Twist [the 2007 TV series] and really enjoyed the character, and I thought I would like to play more Bill Sikes, but as a lead," Tom recalls, building momentum as he continues.