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Here’s a list of shows I could think of off the top of my head: So with the exception of maybe Family Guy and King of Queen, both sitcoms, the fat guy/skinny wife works when the husband is a strong dude or has Alpha qualities.

The two divorced in 2007 and today Heche is involved with James Tupper, with whom she has an additional son.(2007–09) and starred in the NBC comedy Up All Night (2011–12) before leaving over the creative direction of the series, which was cancelled shortly afterward and she also recently starred in the hit comedy "Bad Moms" (2016) and her mother, Nancy Lee Priddy, is a singer and actress.Her parents were separated shortly after her birth.Sometimes you have a post you have no idea where it’s going when you start. I’m guessing it’s a long road to nowhere..nowhere but fat bashing that is. It makes for stable relationships when you’re generally close in body rank.

[Edit: Now that it’s done, if you suffer through the beginning, there is some redeeming qualities at the end – AMD] Usually couples match up pretty close in body rank. That’s why Athol’s plan for improvement of body rank is so basic…

She is also known for doing the voice of Brittany in the Alvin and the Chipmunks film series.