London dating scene

07-Mar-2017 02:54

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Many people flock to New York from other cities in the U. A, or from all around the world so combine that with the American open-ness and friendliness, and the mindset is very much your future partner could be anywhere, and the options are endless.However in a city full of options, how hard is it to pick your perfect partner?I’ve never been one for approaching handsome strangers on nights out, or for getting approached by them.Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have self-esteem issues – when I scrub up, I’d probably rate myself as a 7.5, maybe an 8 if I steer clear of carbs. The last time I attempted to chat someone up was on the last train home in 2004.From then on the future of my love life depended entirely on the whims of the single men of London town.And this is where the problem is: I don’t get chatted up much, and when I do, I’m usually looking absurd in fancy dress which doesn’t count, surely?

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Aptly, she was injured in an “enthusiastic” attempt to catch a bouquet at a friend’s wedding.

There are in fact several factors working against us when it comes to dating.