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29-Jan-2017 16:22

To understand the point of Juggalo Book, you first have to understand what a Juggalo is.There's no need to feel ashamed if you're not familiar with the term, because it mostly applies to people who identify themselves as fans of the group Insane Clown Posse (though a Juggalo may also be a fan of any other hip group tied to the Psychopathic Records label).

I love to kick it and party wen the opportunity irises.well im really not very good at describing myself or nything. uh.a RAVER i smoke ciggamerettes and alot of weed.lately cause im on probation i have to "turn a new leaf” gay..i drink occasionally cause of you that know me im not an alcoholic but i am a drunk =D i was a street kid for a while but my luck i got caught i guess thats what u get for havinga family of bloods looking for you(my family).. I am a hardcore Juggalo, which means I listen to ICP almost non-stop…I like to have fun and can have fun doing just about anything. I am awesome, a bitch, and hott as fuck What I’m doing with my life: im just goin with the flow.[on probation] I’m really good at: alot: P The six things I could never do without: music people sex lust love and occational hate The most private thing I’m willing to admit: idk im not a virgin" “My self-summary: Hey, I’m Brandon. I am an inkaholic, I currently have four tattoos with plans on getting many more. I am a freak, a creep, and a juggalo" “My self-summary: I am pretty much me, I am a Buddhist, I Like writing reading painting, computers, Handcuffs. I Love animals and i do dress sort of monotone, but what can i say i like being me?It's essentially a Juggalo-themed Facebook rip-off where Juggalos/Juggalettes can connect and engage with one another about all things Insane Clown Posse.