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He was very smooth and would easily fool women in to thinking he is genuine. There are thousands with the same name...never asked for money.....Anyone who deals with him is likely to lose a lot of money or be convicted of being a money mule or involved in fraud. If you land on this site its because you have doubts. He is definitely a scammer and I think you know it and that's why you posted here. Roberts attended graduate school at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University and the Chicago Lutheran Theological Seminary. Roberts entered the Army Corps of Engineers Reserves and then went on active duty as a chaplain in 1966.He is survived by his brothers Ben (Julie) and Nick (Vonda); and five nieces and nephews, Katherine, Mc Kay, Sam, Nicholas and Noah. Box 911, Georgetown, SC 29442 or Brookgreen Gardens, 1931 Brookgreen Garden Dr., Murrells Inlet, SC 29576. His family said his wife, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were the true joy of his life. A celebration of her life was held Saturday at Island Bar and Grill.the press reports she's wearing a striking ring of diamonds and sapphires on her engagement finger when she appears in Los Angeles court for approval of a movie contract, and it provokes the question of whether she and Hughes are serious about each other."I guess so - yes, it's serious - it's serious with both of us," she tells reporters after the 0-a-week contract is approved.I showed him a copy of his ip trace.said I would die - be killed. He never asked for money, I thought I was always a step ahead of him.

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columnist Hedda Hopper reports that Jean has signed a rather unusual contract with 20th Century-Fox for two more years.Be warned ladies, block him Why have you not blocked him and report him on every site you possible can. UGHI blocked mine and IT tried to contact once by calling me. I know his buddies or other Creatures he works with sent me all kind of crazy emails with attachments. I never opened the attachments, God only knows what was in them. I know how you feel really I do, I am trying to pay back credit cards, my friends, family and then he has the nerve to ask me for more money about a week ago to my email on another's email account. He hits big on Gmail and always wants you in hangout. Your intelligence is warning you but you do not want to listen because the virtual paradise your are living in, is too nice. If you are not careful you will be prosecuted for money laundering if you are involved with his money!I really hate these Creatures and I will say it over and over again, I hope they die a painful long death. Says its more private, or he meets you on another site and begs you to get a Gmail account and then hangout. Just do some research yourself and you will find plenty of photos on the Internet of the scammers [or at least the photos of real people who they are using]."During that time she'll not have to worry about a single option being picked up; on the other hand, she'll have no choice in the pictures given her to do.