Inuyasha dating

02-Mar-2017 08:18

Sometimes a ningen soul will become a youkai if it doesn't move on fast enough.

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charm is for flirting, chakra is for your chakra rnrnmeter, (more points you add on the more bars you get), strength is for strength, hp (if you get strength high enough you rnrndouble your hp), and intelligence, if you max it out and then you can buy demon wind shurikans from kakashi.7) you talk to the characters at the bridge, forest, and gym before being able to talk to them at their house, when talking to them try to make sure you don't upset them or they lose a heart. All other material including site design and images ©2007 Big Money Kagome, museum buyer by day, painter by night, catches a lucky break and gets way more than she thought was ever possible. 6) Max out your charm, before you start talking to the characters.