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07-Apr-2017 07:03

Warren is a clinical psychologist and author of eight books on love, marriage and emotional health.

During 35 years of counseling thousands of married couples, Dr.

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Conflicts in the workplace may involve personality clashes, disagreements with management about policies, miscommunication between coworkers, or a number of other issues that may disrupt the harmony of a workplace environment.

If fewer than half of the pirates agree with you, you die.

How do you recommend apportioning the gold in such a way that you get a good share of the booty but still survive?

Skillfulness in addressing and resolving conflict is a highly desired quality in an employee.

“I think the most alarming animals I have encountered are really poisonous snakes,” Sir David Attenborough says, his gaze fixed on an imaginary point somewhere on the ceiling.To anyone who failed that test, it will come as either small comfort or bitter irony that even the company’s top brass have difficulty when their questions are posed back to them.Case in point: Eric Schmidt, Google’s ex-CEO, now the executive chairman of its parent company, Alphabet.The hiring manager doesn’t care about your personal reasons.