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28-Feb-2017 14:46

Either they’d outgrow us, slip out of our control and begin their inevitable march to world domination. The terminator scenario lost out to the infinitely more comforting reality of intelligent industry and self steering vacuum cleaners, while however hard the sex industry tried, staring into the cold, dead eyes of an automated doll as it vibrated underneath you never took off with any but the most determined onanists.

Or, better, we’d start to fuck, from then on living together in harmony, blissfully bleeping our days away until the bottom dropped out of human society and, childless, we fizzled our way towards extinction. For most of us, sex with fellow human beings remained option number one, the weird world of sex toys and internet porn on hold as a handy backup.

An episode of the MTV reality series “Catfish: The TV Show” featured Aaron, a gay man who had pretended to be a woman online to seduce a straight guy into explicit online conversation.

When the hoax was revealed, Aaron said by way of explanation, “I don’t even want to be gay to be honest.”And finally, Suler offers that some men pretending to be women online might be trans and “drawn to virtual gender-switching” (although, I’d like to note that if a trans person identifies as female then it’s not actually gender- when they present as female online).

Regardless of their individual motives, the thousands of men pretending to be casual-sex-seeking women on Plenty of Fish may have to find somewhere else to play.

It was always going to go one of two ways with robots.

Breaking: Sometimes men pretend to be women online! ” psychologist John Suler lays out a handful of theories.

This shocking revelation comes courtesy of Markus Frind, founder of the immensely popular dating site Plenty of Fish, who explained his reason for shutting down the site’s casual sex section by announcing that of the site’s 3.3 million daily U. users, there are only 6,041 “women” looking for a no-strings hookup — and, even still, many of them are actually men. First is the hypothesis of feminine exploration: “Due to the pressure of cultural stereotypes, it may be difficult for some men to explore within themselves what society labels as ‘feminine’ characteristics” and the “anonymity of cyberspace” allows them to “express their ‘feminine’ side which they feel they must otherwise hide.”Second is a theory of attention-seeking.

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