How do you get spam email from dating sites

03-Feb-2017 04:16

The other e-mail account used for my daily life gets hardly any of that spam. However, since your husband had an issue with it in the past, I'd do some snooping. I have to disagree with those convinced he has to be on dating sites to get the spam. However, in my career I worked at an anti-spam email company for awhile.A wink says either that he’s lazy, he’s illiterate, or, more likely, that he’s winking at 50 people at a time to see who responds to him. One set of rules applies to men, another applies to women.He may actually be a decent guy – but he’s a decent guy who is pretty indiscriminate about the women he contacts. 3) I just think it’s in poor form to tell anyone what to do. And yes, there’s a logical explanation for this double standard. No, you shouldn’t send a follow-up email to a guy if he hasn’t written back.It’s not that it’s impossible that he was busy, or accidentally deleted your email, or had an emotional crisis that caused him to abandon dating for awhile.

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Don’t express in your profile that you prefer emails to winks. 2) The fact that he winks instead of taking the time to write to you speaks volumes about him. ” Feel free to ignore anyone who doesn’t meet your criteria, Ynez – including your desire to be emailed – but please, don’t issue demands in your profile. I have two (and maybe even three) answers to your query about sending a follow-up email.

I hope it speaks for itself and you will know what I WANT ... If the website and te person share the same name is it likely that it's spam? But now she's broken up with her boyfriend and her cousin, my good friend, gave her my email. Oh and could I just do her a quick favor and vote for her on some webcam site. If he hasn't been to any of those sites then that might give you the closure needed to move on from this? Gmail tends to attract the "you have one notification from entersitehere"....these free email providers probably sign a deal with the devil (porn/dating sites) that trade your information for funding to provide you said free services.