Gruen veri thin dating

22-Jun-2017 10:37

Sorry, no pic available - the watch is with someone who will fix it for me if I can find the needed parts, whcih I can't do until I can determine how to identify the proper watch to get them from. Your pocket watch is an example of the "new Gruen Veri-Thin" that Gruen introduced in 1939.

They launched two versions of this 16 3/4 Ligne movement, the 381 with 15j and the 380 with 17j.

Later he worked for three years in Switzerland before going to the U. The movements featured Gruen's 1874 safety pinion design. During the Panic of 1893 the shareholders forced Gruen out of the company. Gruen was one of the first US watch companies to offer basic movements produced in Switzerland, in a wide variety of cases and prices, but adjusted, dialled and cased in U. In 1904, the company introduced the Veri Thin pocket watch movement, a new arrangement of components that allowed the movement to be made much thinner.

Above: A comparison of pocket watch sizes and thicknesses.

Top right: 1880s Columbus 18-size watch, typical of the time; middle left, early-1900s DG&S 12-size; bottom left (with blue dial numbers): early Veri Thin; bottom right: Dietrich Gruen Ultra Thin. Adding the best Precision movement and a precious-metal case could take the price up to several hundred dollars.

Although originally priced at about two-thirds the cost of a comparable Veri Thin, its movement, case and dial are of high quality.

Very-Veri Thin models combined ordinary Veri Thin movements with extra-slim case designs that made the watches look even thinner.

I find it can be very difficult to date a Gruen pocket watch. And, is there any way to identify the same watch to get for parts - other than the caliber number (can't get people on e Bay to take the balance out to look for the caliber number! (Curiously, I notice the caliber number matches the diameter in mm -- 38.1 mm to 381 caliber number.) Serial number: 2-339980 Switzerland Cororuma case "Cased and Timed in USA by Gruen Watch Co." 8213952 10-k-Gold Filled That's all the information on it.