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25-Apr-2017 20:21

Also you can switch it throughout the evening depending on amount of alcohol imbibed and the looks of the crowd. There are heaps of things that you can do as a couple that cost little more than petrol money (or worst case scenario bus fare...)@Mr Blue They run every 2 hours on a weekend...LOL(I do miss Brisbane public transport -- I loved the train)hmmm, Lady fingers v/s Cavendish and what about those ones with the red wax on the ends?? No wonder I haven't caught a bus in over a week or so, be nice 3ff, however I cannot argue about the lady fingers vote.If you’ve ever been to Whole Foods in New York City’s Shops at Columbus Circle on a Friday evening, you’ll find the grocery emporium is stocked with single men looking to get a few snacks for the weekend.“You can strike up a conversation about what’s in their basket, and you’ll already know how he eats,” Fran states with a chuckle.

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“When you are spontaneous, you have a chance to connect with someone who could make a great future friend or mate.” Grocery shopping/bookstores: Is that a banana in your basket?While there aren’t many bookstores anymore, the ones that do exist usually have cafés where you can sit and take in the scenery.“If someone catches your eye, you can approach them and ask an open-ended question about what they are browsing through.” And bookstores are making their comeback.Sometimes, when you're not sure if you like someone and you don't want them to get the wrong idea, you go on a not-a-date date.