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While the situation is probably a competition, the subject is the music itself.

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In Homer’s Odyssey we watch in admiration as she holds together Odysseus’ kingdom and keeps a horde of suitors at bay until he returns.

"Greek Vases from the Hearst Collection." The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, 15(7): pp.

"The Technique of Attic Vase-Painting." American Journal of Archaeology, 64(4): pp.

The Amasis Painterwas one of the first artists to sign a name to his work.

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This shows that he was highly regarded as a painter during his lifetime. "Citharoedus." The Journal of Hellenic Studies, 42(1): pp. Der Berliner Maler: Bilder griechischer vasen, Vol. Such scenes may have been commonplace in Greek households, with pets nearby during many domestic activities.